Terms & conditions

1. General provisions:
1.1. These Terms and Conditions apply to all offers issued by and on behalf of “Reiter Polska Sp. z o.o”, with headquarters at Wodzirejów 5a, 02-824 Warsaw, Poland (VAT number 1230976691), “Reiter Polska” and all agreements to be concluded between “Reiter Polska” and another party (“the Buyer”), serving to allow “Reiter Polska” to provide products and services, and to the juristic acts underlying such agreements.
1.2. Any terms and conditions used by the Buyer do not apply. These are expressly rejected.

2. Distribution:
2.1. “Reiter Polska” cooperates only with resellers and does not trade with final customers in export.

3. Prices:
3.1. Prices are based on order’s type and volume. Prices are Ex Works (Incoterms 2010) and exclusive of VAT. The price lists include discounts for dealers;
3.2. “Reiter Polska” has the right to change the agreed prices after conclusion of the agreement or prior to delivery in the effect of any increases in the prices of cost-price factors, such as fluctuations in exchange rates, raw materials and/or wage costs, or, in case of any government measures.

4. Delivery:
4.1. “Reiter Polska” outsource standard delivery service to external shipping companies and does not take the responsibility for possible: losses, damages, custom procedures during delivery or any delivery delays.
4.2. The standard delivery time is always estimated and depends on: shipping company and order volume.
4.3. “Reiter Polska” provides outsourced delivery service for chosen directions outside of EU only. Export declaration, certificate of origin and other documents are treated as additional service and may include additional fees. In case of self-organized delivery the buyer undertakes to deliver to “Reiter Polska” “IE599 statement” in 90 days term, in accordance general EU regulations.
4.4. The standard price and terms conditions can change in accordance to changes on market.

5. Lead time:
5.1. The goods without imprint: 1-6 working days in condition of fulfilled payment requirements.
5.2. The goods with imprint: 3-12 working days in condition of fulfilled payment requirements and confirmed visualization/prototype.
5.3. The above stated lead time is estiated and can vary according to the current “Reiter Polska” production capacity.

6. Payment conditions (prepayment/credit limit):
6.1. “Reiter Polska” requires 100% prepayment of gross amount before production start. In case of non fulfilment of payment condition, the order will not be proceeded
6.2. After second transaction on prepayment basis the payment conditions could be revised on EU territory to credit limit based on turnover and credit limit agreement with international insurance company “Euler Hermes”.
6.3. In case of any overdue invoices “Reiter Polska” maintain the right to cancel the credit limit. In this case all confirmed orders will be suspended until the overdue amounts are settled.

7. Imprint:
7.1. “Reiter Polska” provides: pad print, UV print, screen print, engraving, embossing branding, for the sizes and positions indicated in standard imprint manual. The color palette in accordance to: pantone(R) solid coated or CMYK.
7.2. The prices refer to separate price list and are based on imprint’s type and volume.
7.3. The conditions to start imprint are: buyer’s art work approval and payment conditions fulfilment.
Every further change in art work can extend the production time. “Reiter Pollska” can prepare free of charge maximum two artworks. In case of further corrections “Reiter Polska” maintains the right to charge
additional costs.
7.4. In case of not specified colour, the shade of printed logotype can slightly differ from the color on art work.
7.5. The imprint order can be refused unilaterally in case of above conditions failure.

8. Complaints:
8.1. Upon delivery, the buyer must check if the delivery complies with the agreement. In case if any defects and/or shortages are noted, the buyer shall promptly inform “Reiter Polska” thereof in writing, stating good reasons. The buyer must notify “Reiter Polska” of any invisible defects within two days of their discovery and in any case within two days of the moment at which the buyer should, in reasonableness, have discovered such.
8.2. In case of any damages of: carton boxes/original tape/items caused during the delivery, the buyer must issue the complaint to shipping company immediately.
8.3. In other cases, the buyer should fulfil standard “Reiter Polska” complaint form with all necessary attachments.
Reiter Polska will settle the complaint in 14 days.
8.4. “Reiter Polska” maintain the right to establish the type of compensation (invoice correction/product replacement).

9. Nonstandard orders:
9.1. “Reiter Polska” maintains the right to refuse processing nonstandard requests without explanations. For accepted nonstandard orders the buyer agree to cover additional costs.

10. Force majeure:
10.1. In the event that the Delivery is not possible in whole or in part due to force majeure, “Reiter Polska” will be entitled to suspend the Delivery. If this period lasts or is expected to last more than three months, “Reiter Polska” will be authorised to suspend or dissolve the agreement without there being an obligation to pay damages in that event.
10.2. On the part of “Reiter Polska” is in any case, but not exclusively, defined as all circumstances as a consequence of which compliance with the agreement can no longer in reasonableness be required of “Reiter Polska”, which circumstances will in any case include transport problems, any default, in whole or in part, of “Reiter Polska” suppliers, any default, in whole or in part, of third parties engaged by “Reiter Polska” to execute the agreement, restrictive government measures, including the failure to obtain a required permit, of any nature whatsoever, a breakdown or interruption of the functioning of any public utility company, a breakdown, interruption or termination of the supply of raw materials, semi-finished products and/or end-products, as well as any circumstance that “Reiter Polska” could not in reasonableness have foreseen and which “Reiter Polska” cannot influence.